Art with emotion

Diorita is a Spanish firm with more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of original jewelery with precious stones and noble metals. We are passionate gemologists, crazy about art, design, hands-on work and racking our brains for inspiration. In our club, we will keep you informed ...

Originals and one of a kind design

The artisan and artistic processes in the design and creation of our jewelry, as well as the stones and metals used, give each piece a different personality. Our production varies from small batches to one of a kind. Many of our jewels are made on demand adhering to a sustainable and responsible use of materials, avoiding commercial contamination. Our philosophy: to solely produce jewels to be used with intention, emotion and care.

Unique benefits

Free shipping in, 5% discount on all your purchases, 10% discount during the month of your birthday, in addition to other exclusive offers and above all, we will share our world with you.

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