About us

We are not new to this, nor do we make the typical jewelry. Diorita is a brand that is  over 25 years old and is led by Ángela and Pedro Saura, two exceptional designers,  active musicians and gemologists by profession. That is why our pieces have a different  charm, mixing rebellious character with quality that only gem experts can deal with. In our experience, no two people are alike, and that is why each of our jewels is unique,  which we achieve with a handmade finish, commitment and love. Want to know more about us ?. Take a look at our designs.

Ángela Saura

Founder and creator

Pedro Saura

Founder and creator

Diorita was born in 1993 as a result of a family tradition of love for stones. Our father, Francisco Saura, was our teacher. We have always seen him collecting minerals, looking for stones in remote places, teaching us to appreciate that strange gem that was so difficult to find.
Years of experience that leave their mark and that are reflected in an incredible collection that today is the Diorita Museum. For our luck or misfortune we have inherited that passion for minerals that has pushed us to search the world for the stones and experiences that inspire us to make our jewelry.
Diorita creates purely handcrafted pieces in sterling silver and natural stones. It is a process, careful and selective, which is carried out in all its steps:
First, we look for and choose the stones and minerals, of diverse and remote origins, sometimes acquired directly in the mines, giving each piece an exclusive character and quality.

Then comes the design. Inspiration and many hours of hard work to develop our collections.

Finally, the creation processes. They are largely handcrafted finally defining the unique personality of each jewel.

Hence our motto was born:


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